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Jennifer A. Santiago / Founder & Managing Partner

Criminal Defense

  • A great defense is built on being able to see the facts as the Commonwealth sees them, and then, being able to identify the weaknesses in those facts.


  • Whether civil or messy, the Law Offices of Jennifer A. Santiago, PLLC offers professional and caring services to help you as you close the old chapter of your life.


  • The dissolution of the family structure can be difficult. Who will take the children? How often can I see my child? How will I pay for school? We're here to help.


  • PFA? DHS? Abuse or allegations of abuse can be one of the most stressful situations of a person's life. Hire a team that knows what to do to ease the stress.

Civil Law

  • We handle a wide range of civil matters, including: landlord and tenant disputes, small claims, asset forfeiture, Social Security appeals, unemployment appeals, and much more.


  • Wrongfully Convicted? Children taken? Denied Social Security benefits? An appeal can right these wrongs. Not all trial attorneys can litigate an appeal, but Ms. Santiago does it with ease.